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    Anja Verdugo

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    The official Bored Girls show is in one week! Featuring 42 of the finest Bored Girls I know. 

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    Bored Girls, Anja Verdugo

    I’ve shot over 30 portraits for Bored Girls, which will be showing in March at Duplex Gallery in Portland. More info to come! 

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  4. Doll face. Tori from the Summerland lookbook.

  5. From the Summerland holiday ‘13 lookbook.

  6. Summerland Holiday ‘13 lookbook - “Looking Glass” 

  7. A double exposure of Sydney from an old Yo Vintage shoot at Fieldwork Flowers.

  8. dalas at the Maui Aquarium! 

  9. Camellia in Forest Park, from earlier this year. 

  10. Katie was visiting from LA and we shot some photos together at the studio. She made her own chainz.