1. atableofcontents:

    Some looks from Crazy Wind’s latest lookbook. Select pieces are now available at the shop and soon online!

    Chiyo’s clothes are the best. I shot these images for her line!

  2. dalasverdugo:

    I’m doing “Portland jury duty” aka DJing at Holocene Friday. See you there!

    Summer dalas in da house

  3. oldpainting:


    The Present (1845) by Charles Robert Leslie

    It’s like she’s texting.

    (Source: the-athenaeum.org)

  4. almadiana1:


    George Henry Boughton - The Rose Garden

    Me on Caturday in the springtime

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  5. dalasverdugo:

    (via Last Look: Anja Verdugo | Duplex)

    Take a virtual tour of Anja’s show from last month.

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    Anja Verdugo

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    The official Bored Girls show is in one week! Featuring 42 of the finest Bored Girls I know. 

  8. digbicks:

    Bored Girls, Anja Verdugo

    I’ve shot over 30 portraits for Bored Girls, which will be showing in March at Duplex Gallery in Portland. More info to come! 

    (Source: anjaverdugo.com)

  9. Doll face. Tori from the Summerland lookbook.

  10. From the Summerland holiday ‘13 lookbook.