1. Bored Girls - Anne

  2. Jenee at the studio. 

  3. Elise on the GAP Styld.by blog.

  4. Tori, for the Summerland holiday lookbook.

  5. gap:

    Styld.by Holiday ‘13

    Top Pinterest user and Hello Society influencer Elise Joseph keeps it cozy in a Gap thermal knit sweater paired with leather boots.

    See the rest of her look on Styld-by.

    I took this photo of Elise for her Gap feature while she was in Portland. See more over on their site!

  6. Messing around with the laser printer & an image of Marlene from an old shoot. 

    (Source: anjaverdugo.com)

  7. Sunrise

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  8. My essentials on the new Mijlo site. 

  9. Bored Girls - Cassondra. 

    (Source: anjaverdugo.com)

  10. Bored Girls - Hannah 

    (Source: anjaverdugo.com)